My name is Leanne – but you can call me Lee.

I’m a professional portrait photographer and former News Limited press photographer.  

I love a good caramel slice, ice-cream in any weather and a proper Daiquiri – like the ones you can only find in Cuba! I love the tropics, the beach and warm summer nights. I’m addicted to linen shirts and quickly wear out a great pair of jeans. I’m an Ironman triathlete, author, educator, environmentalist, wife and mummy. I take my camera everywhere and am a master of my phone camera. I still shoot film and love hybrid (film and digital) photography. I also really like sleep, but who has time for that!

Ninja Mode! On location in Times Square, NYC. Image by One Sharp Joe.


I’m an old school, ex-press photographer who tells visual stories with classic photographs that are infused with a little Hollywood inspired cinematography and a lot of laughs!

What does that all mean? Well, I believe that in photography whites should be white, blacks should be black, and your skin tones should be, well, skin toned. You won’t see fad filters and weird colours in my photos. What you will see are carefully crafted, timeless images with a cinematic edge and fine art styling that were created the old fashioned way – with great composition, technique and experience.I’m also a composite artist, and shoot and deliver natural photographic compositions for clients requiring a blend of images.I focus on capturing the things that excite me and love telling stories through my images as well as written stories, working with clients who want something unique and beautiful. The world is full of incredible stories and I want to share them!