Exploring the World After the Sun Goes Down 

Beauty in Darkness

Yes, people generally book me for photos of, well, people. I guess you could say people photography is my bread and butter, and astro landsacape and nightscape photography is my jam!

In the last few months I have gone from early morning fitness Mummy and daytime people photographer, to all of that and lady who creeps around in the dark taking photos of the night sky and the things that look pretty awesome below it. Sleep has become optional and my coffee consumption has probably now exceeded that recommended by just about anyone with an ounce of common sense!

Turns out, people like night images as much as I do, and I’m now not only offering images for sale in person at Bluebottles Brasserie on Beach Street in Woolgoolga, but also right here on my website.

If you’re an adventurer like me and are not afraid of the dark, then why not join me on one of my dark sky and nightscape tours (check out the Learn page), or at one of my free photography meet ups (check out From Woopi With Love- Photography Group on Facebook).

Check out the gallery below for some of my favourite images and print sale options. And if you see me out shooting somewhere at night, be sure and come with a loud and friendly hello (and not a shadowy creep up)!


All of the above images are available as large format fine art prints. Employing only the highest quality stock and printing techniques to craft gallery quality images that will last (almost) as long as the Milky Way. If you would like a smaller image, or a print on a different stock, please reach out to me – anything is possible!

Note: When opening the image you will notice an x of number. Just let me know what the x is.

Prices include worldwide postage.

After Dark Gallery Prints
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