Misty Morning Emerald Beach Conjunction, January 3, 2019

Sadly the first meteor shower of 2019 is pretty much non-existent down here in Oz. But even though the Quadrantids are preferring to spend their holidays in the Northern Hemisphere, there was a seriously decent shooting star show last night.

Of course, I had the gear packed away and ready for a nautical blue light spectacular at Emerald Beach, capturing this misty 5am conjunction in Scorpius between Venus, the 12% slither of a moon, Jupiter and (obscured by first light) Mercury. Sadly the sun beat Saturn to the horizon, which is a real shame because that would have been awesome!

P.S. And who says you can’t shoot astro on longer lenses? This was captured at ISO100 on a 50mm lens! Not my favourite astro lens, but did the job nicely when the conjunction was just a bit too high in the sky to shoot on an even longer one and still fit the foreground in!